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"All things change, and we change with them"


Think It. Make It. Solve It.

The Tinker School teaches knowledge of process.

The Tinker School is a creative space where young people, youth and community can engage in life long learning experiences, to build a resilient, resourceful and enterprising community that has vitality, prosperity and well being.

The learning focus is on the process around building character and capability in students. In the Tinker Toolbox there are several tools that help assist with their learning journey. They are:
The Tinker School will give school age students from 5-14 years of age the opportunity to work on projects of their own design. Check out our Facebook page. They will have access to a workshop, the tools, equipment and materials to design and make projects. Heres how:

Technological Literacy

Technology is the study and practice of "Knowledge of Process", know how and can do! Being technologically literate is being able to not only understand this process but being able to apply it to a range of situations in order to solve a problem.

Students will choose projects that will build their knowledge and skills within this process around real world needs, opportunities and problems of their own design.They will be involved in choice creation, decision-making and problem solving as they work towards appropriate and sustainable solutions.

Students will have access to tools, equipment and processes such as cabinet-making, blacksmithing, brazing, enamelling, pewter casting, electronics, robotics, 3D Design and printing to create solutions for themselves.

Technology is a capacity building process, and by participating in it students will improve their confidence and self esteem.

To Tinker is the first step of action. Its the transition point from idea and impact. Tinkering is the process by which we develop and build our understanding and practice of the technological process.

Enterprise Focus

Students will be resourceful, resilient and enterprising when engaged in the technological process. Enterprise by its definition is "an undertaking', and so many of the projects that students will undertake will exercise their resourcefulness and resilience. This is a character building process that equips them with skills to better face an uncertain future.

They can also have an entrepreneurial approach to their project work by acting on a need, opportunity or problem and come up with a solution that could be very marketable. In effect they can work towards the creation of their own business. There are many examples of young entrepreneurs around the world creating amazing solutions to existing solutions. The Young Enterprise Scheme is one programme that addresses entrepreneurship in schools around New Zealand.

The long term outcome of being involved in the Tinker School would have students engaged with the local community in joint ventures to address social issues.

Sustainability Guided Principles

Resource recovery is a strategy that identifies waste as a resource and then uses it accordingly. When principles of sustainability are included in the technological process, then all things are regarded as a resource for use. This includes repurposing of electronic components and other materials including wood, metal, plastic to create useful, enterprising and marketable projects.

So much of our consumer needs are being met by products that have built in obsolescence, products that have a short term lifespan. Technology is capable of building products that last and last, and if values of sustainability are included at the beginning of the design process, including the concept of cradle to cradle manufacturing (designed to be reused at the end of a products lifespan), then our society becomes more efficient and effective, with less waste and less environmental degradation.

Other areas of social and economic development such as energy generation, transport and housing are all areas that can contribute to a more sustainable society if principles of sustainability are applied.

Unique and Innovative Outcomes

The outcomes or solutions that arise from an authentic technological practice are unique and innovative. When young creative and inventive minds are applied to any task at hand, what they will produce will be nothing like we have seen before. As Einstein so eloquently stated "The problems of the world today cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them!"

It is their future that we must educate them for, so the way that we educate them must be in a manner to give them the tools that they will need to move confidently into an unknown and uncertain future.

All things change, and we change with them
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