What the Kidz Think

What the Kidz Think

We work hard at providing an excellent holiday programme experience for children. It is all worth it when we get feedback from parents and their children about it. Listed parents with phone numbers are happy to field inquiries from other parents about the holiday programme.

Autumn 2011

Yesim, mother

First of all, thank you, Anna and the rest of your team for the lovely holiday program you offered to Nikolai. As always, he was delighted to be with you during his holidays and is looking forward to the next one. He learned lots of interesting things, made new friends and had a lot of fun. We love the things he has made and he continues to make clay productions, and I am looking for a ceramics course for him.

Winter 2009

Ginny Kitchingman, Parent

"...I am very impressed with Kidz Inc and I have often spoken highly of it to others. In particular, I really like the way you involve the kids in "projects" that require a bit of sustained attention. I also like the fact that most of the leaders are "mature" and I feel fairly confident that my children are safe there, which I would not feel at some other programmes!"

Summer 2009

Rachel, Age 12

Andrew, Thank you for making this programme happen and making it so enjoyable.

Saskia, Parent (03-4667703)

My children enjoy the Kidz Inc holiday programme. They like meeting new children and enjoy the varied activities provided, especially the workshop, art activities, baking and movie outings.

Caleb, Age 10

I liked laser skirmish. I like making games on the computer.

Reuban, Age 6

I like going to the movies.

Marcelle, Parent (03-4545950)

We love how the programme incorporates the use of technology and science "learning while having fun". There are a range of activities and sports and the children can make their own choice of what to participate in.

William, Age 5

I like making stuff!

Matthew, Age 7

We play lots of games, it's fun!!

Sally O'Connor, Parent  (03-4891160)

I was a bit anxious about Loren attending a school holiday programme as she is only 5. However, I had no reason to be concerned. The programme was appropriate for all ages and she was well looked after. Everyone seemed slightly crazy and that goes down well with children.

Laura, Age 12

I like Kidz Inc, it is the best holiday programme I have gone too. It has lots of activities for us to do. I enjoy Thursday movie day. Drew has got ideas for things to make. We have the computer room where we can make games or play games others have made. KIDZ INC ROCKS!!

Maddy, Age 7

I like baking with Connaire, making ballons with Jay, painting with Filipa, reading the Big Friendly Giant, also called the BFG. This Holiday programme ROCKS!!

Dominic, Age 5

I like to play with the games in the games room, and also playing with the big gieant teddy and I liked playing cricket. I like to play with the Fire and Ladders game, thats my favourite game. At morning tea and lunch I like to eat a lot.

Spring 2008

Shayla, Age 9

I enjoyed Kidz Inc as we got to go to the movies, edgar centre and make movies. We had a magician and my mum and nana brought our ponies for everyone to see. The teachers were nice and made me feel comfortable. I made lots of friends and learnt how to make new friends. I cannot wait until next holidays.

Shaylas' Mum

As a parent I am always looking for the best enviroment for my daughter to be in during the holidays while I am a work.  I have found this with Kidz Inc, the staff are a pleasure to deal with and always make a point of saying hello to both the parent and the child every morning.  Shayla is 9 years old and has been going to another holiday programme since she was 5,  I was unaware how different they can be.  Kidz Inc provided her the security and respect to try new things and be involved in a variety of programmes.  There was always something for her to do and children to play with.  Normally by the end of the first week I am pulling my hair out as she is tired, grumpy and has an attitude that no parent wants to deal with.  These holidays I did not get this in any form.  Each and every day she came home  with a smile on her face telling us what she has made or done with such detail she could teach us.  Each morning she was ready and waiting to go to Kidz Inc, excited about the days events.  Shayla  is already looking forward to the next school holidays as she cannot wait to go back.  I will not be sending her to any other programme from now on and look forward to when they can do after school care. 

Winter 2008

Matai, Age 6

I like playing with my friends. I like making bugs, I especially like making movies, about Indiana Jones. He is a very cool character. I like playing soccer, cricket and hockey and the theatre sports games with my friends.

Jasmijn, Age 9

I like seeing my friends and making movies with my best friend Anna. I really like playing Octopus during peer support. I liked making the spinning tops with Drew. Cooking muffins is really cool.

Madelief, Age 12

I love creating new things to share with my family. I like to learn how to use new tools. I like making new friends. But I really like the staff, they really keep you going. They teach you many new things like how to make a catapult and how to make online games. I really like going there. It’s not only fun but you’ll be really happy.

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