Tinker Rideshare

Tinker Rideshare

"Life is a continuous exercise in creative problem solving"
Michael J Gelb


Tinker Rideshare

The Monkey (problem)

In true Tinker School fashion we came across a problem. Parents wanted to send their children to Tinker School but could not get off work to take them. Tinker School does not have the current resources to offer a pick up service. There are parents who do have time to drive their children to Tinker School. These parents often have space for extra passengers and drive by other schools as they travel to North East Valley.

The Solution

After talking with parents about rideshare, we have a solution. Below is a spreadsheet that has been freely shared to all parents in the Tinker School community. If you are willing to participate, fill out information to assist with a rideshare match. This is a self organising transportation system to ensure that all children have a safe, reliable and comfortable journey to Tinker School.

Check out the link to Tinker After School & Rideshare 2018

Contact Us and let us know you are coming. Of course if no one acts, no one comes, the problem is not solved, so the monkey dies, and with it the dreams of the world & the tinkerers who were going to make it a better place to be. (We talk to tinkerers about this when they work on their projects and problems, just so they know that if they stop, so does the project.)

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