Tinker Spring School 2018 - 13th Sep 2018

Tinker Spring School 2018

Tinker Spring School is about to get underway.

The Rialto Movie Prop Challenge

Due to the popularity of the Rialto Movie Prop Challenge, we have partnered once again with the Rialto Cinemas Dunedin to bring movie prop making into the realms of tinkering. Each day a theme will be presented to provide a springboard from which to build their day. We have introduced a new theme for thiese holidays, that of pirates. So if you are a seafaring tinkerer, then this one is for your. Tinkerers can be involved as little or as much as they would like. At the end of each day, the tinkerer who is voted as having the prop which is both functional and aesthetic will receive a single pass to the Rialto Movie Theatre.

Themes will include:
Set Design
Science Fiction

Of course, in keeping with our philosophy of tinkerers managing themselves, if they come with an idera of their own, they can do that as well. We are all excited to give this a try, and see who out there will be the next generation of Weta Workshop tinkerers.

To make a booking contact us.


Financial Challenges Ahead.

We are currently revising our fee structure. Since we started Tinker School at our current site in October 2015, we have kept the daily fee at the half day price of $40+GST. This was to broaden our client base and give people the opportunity to see what we do and how we go about doing. This has been the case for the last three years. In that time our landlord has been fairly generous in what we pay for rent. However, he has increased our rent to the point that we need to look at how to best meet the shortfall.

We are welcoming feedback from our community of clients and tinkerers as to how we can best deal with this financial hurdle. These include:
  • Have a Makers Market Fair (once a term);
  • Set up a Repair Cafe on a Saturday;
  • Get Sponsorship from within the Community;
  • Get more Tinkerers to attend the Tinker School;
  • Apply for Grants and other funding sources;
  • Increase our fee structure.

There are pros and cons to each, and to implement each requires time and resources that we do not currently have. Some of the projects are in the pipeline but take time to get going. It will also require support within the community for each to succeed. Your feedback on these initiatives would be welcome, and any time or resources that you may be able to contribute would be most welcome. We aim to have long term measures in place by February 2019.

In the Meantime
The full day fee is normally $55+GST. However we feel that may be too much of a fee increase. So we are looking to set full day tinkering at $50/day +GST. 

If you are happy with this arrangement, let us know. If you have other thoughts regarding our situation, we would welcome them.

Thank you for your time on this matter. and your support. We would not exist if we did not have your support.

We wish you all a great finish to the term and l;ook forward to seeing you these holidays.


The Tinker School Team

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