Tinker School Flea Market - 1st Nov 2017

Come one, come all! Come support our tinkering.

Come support our fundraiser for a youth-led repair cafe!

As we grow our tinker community, we are working with other people in the local area, including Nikki, Gavin and Brian from Grid Cafe. Together we aim to provide education and training to youth (14-24 years of age) around coffee culture. We want a high quality, artisan approach to coffee training in a real world context of community engagement and enterprise. 

We aim to work alongside youth to give them knowledge, skills and practice in the art of coffee. A holistic approach which includes the sourcing, roasting, preparation and presentation of the coffee, as well as the cleaning and maintenance around the tools and equipment of the trade.

By pairing up the training of coffee with the concept of a repair cafe encourages an atmosphere of learning and growing, engaging in a culture of know how and can do. This is the philosophy that shapes the Tinker School philosophy.

This is a Tinker School community initiative funded by the patrons who use our after school and holiday care and enrichment services. Additional sources of funding are through initiatives like the Flea Market. 

So if you have time, if you know people who would like to come and see what we do, come along to the Flea Market. Check out more of what we do at our Tinker School facebook page.

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