Winter Solstice 2011 - 27th Jun 2011

Winter Solstice 2011

Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves.

Ernest Dimnet


Winter Solstice
Who Owns the Monkey
WINZ Childcare Subsidy Renewal Forms
Enrolment Forms
Last Laugh

Hi Everyone,

The school term is winding down with three weeks to go. It has been a long term for all children, and they will be looking forward to their break. We will be putting together a great programme for this Winter.

Winter Solstice

The longest night and shortest day has just passed us, but the feeling of a real bitter cold winter has not eventuated. There has been no snow for those avid skiers, but there Mid Winter Carnival held in the Octagon last Saturday proved to be a very popular family affair. The theme of Night time creatures saw some great lanterns in the shape of Owls, Wetas, Slaters, Ladybirds and Cocoons. Filipa Crofskey coordinated the construction of these great lanterns, holding several workshops in the lead up to the carnival. We are so please to be able to have her as one of our gifted tutors on the programme. Well done Filipa!!

Kiva Cup

Kiva is a worldwide organisation that provides micro loans to businesses and communities around the world so that they can improve their standard of living. At Kidz Inc we actively encourage the enterprise spirit that our activities can provide to the children who attend, and will continue to do so this Winter.

In the meantime, the Kiva Cup has been announced. Kidz Inc has a team and we are encouraging as many people to join our team as a new lender. The team who gets the most new members by 11.59 PM July 4th 2011 will be announced the winner.

More can be found on their website here, or you can see our team and current entrepreneurs here

Innovation in Education

Focus: Who Owns the Monkey
A monkey in this context is a problem or the next step towards getting an activity completed. In my experience as a technology teacher, there are many problems, or monkeys that arise from the process, and the natural tendency of the student is to get the teacher to solve their problem. However, if we are looking at building the capability of a person, this monkey needs to be owned by the person asking for support with the problem, hence the term ‘owning the monkey’.

All too often in schools and at homes as parents, we take ownership of their monkey. We solve the problem, or tell them the next step without much thought as to the value of what they are learning when encountering a problem. It is easier to give them the solution or tell them the next step, so they can move forward.

If we are looking at building their capability as a person, then it is vital that we see monkeys as opportunities to do this. Rather than give them a solution, ask questions that get them to think about their problem such as “What makes you think that there is a problem?” and then have them think about possible solutions to their problem. Over time they will recognise the problem solving process necessary work towards solutions and the steps involved.

We can then show our support by giving their monkey a health check. Let them know that once they have a way forward, you will touch base with them to see how they are going. This is to ensure that their monkey does not die from neglect.

In time they will see that they can deal with their own monkeys successfully, building their confidence and sense of empowerment.

Our aim at Kidz Inc is to ensure that the children own their monkey and are given the tools to deal with their monkey in an effective and enjoyable way.

Next Newsletter: One Minute Appraisals

WINZ Childcare Subsidy Renewal Forms

If you are a parent that has their childcare subsidised by Work and Income, then you will have received in the post last week a renewal form. This needs to be completed and returned back to WINZ to ensure that you keep getting the subsidy for your childcare needs.

If you have not received one and have been getting subsidised care, contact WINZ, so that there is no delay for the Winter school holidays.

If you do not receive childcare subsidies, it is still worth looking into the income thresholds, as these have changed. You can find this information here. Every little bit of support helps.

Enrolment Forms

We would like to thank everyone for the brilliant effort in having enrolment forms completed and up to date with contact information and child/rens health details. This really supports our quality control to ensure we have caregiver contact numbers, doctor & medical conditions. We will have enrolment forms available on site for the Winter 2011 programme if you arrive without one. They are available fo download on our website here.

The Last Laugh

Tough Teacher
A school teacher injured his back and had to wear a plaster cast around
the upper part of his body. It fit under his shirt and was not
noticeable at all. On the first day of school, still with the cast under
his shirt, he found himself assigned to the toughest students in

Walking confidently into the rowdy classroom, he opened the window as
wide as possible and then busied himself with desk work. When a strong
breeze made his tie flap, he took the desk stapler and stapled the tie
to his chest.

He had no trouble with discipline that year.

Thanks for getting through to the end of this newsletter; it has been a long one. We look forward to seeing you over the winter holidays. In the meantime, see you next newsletter.


Andrew & the Kidz Inc Team

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