Kidz Inc Christmas Time - 24th Nov 2010

Kidz Inc Christmas Time

Imagination is more powerful than knowledge

Albert Einstein


Spring Reflection
Christmas & New Year
Gung Ho!
Macandrew Bay
Invoices & Statements
Red Bucket Hat Reward
Enrolment Forms
Prompt Payment Discounts
Fee Increase 2011
Payment Plans
Last Laugh

Hi Everyone,

The school year is winding down with four weeks until the end of the year. Such a busy year with many events having come and go and now we take stock of the Christmas period and focus on the importance of family and friends.


Spring Reflection

The spring programme benefited from good weather, good children and a great range of activities that the children really got involved with. The creation of juggling sticks, kites, full size portraits and the Football Mad skills development activity resulted in many smiling faces and good friendships. We have uploaded the photos and encourage you to check them out here.

Christmas & New Year

Kidz Inc will be running their summer holiday programme for five weeks at the end of the school year. One week will be before Christmas and will be chock full of Christmas themed activities. The summer programme after New Year will run for 4 weeks until the commencement of school.

Some schools will have a teachers’ only day the first day back. If this affects you and your child/ren, let us know so that we can plan to include it as an additional day.

Innovation in Education

Focus: Spirit of the Squirrel!

Last issue, I spoke of a factory that despite a downturn in productivity had one area that was defying the trend. The supervisor of this area was a Native American who implemented a “Gung Ho!” approach to the work being done by the workers.

The first step was known as the ‘Spirit of the Squirrel’. This was best understood by observing squirrels in the forest. These creatures would be moving about, collecting nuts and storing the nuts. As they did so they would be constantly chattering, as they ran about their business. They did this all day, none stop, with lots of energy. What was the significance of this squirrels’ action? They were collecting their food. The act of collecting the nuts was the work of the squirrel, it was meaningful work. It had purpose. The spirit of the squirrel embodied meaningful, purposeful work. The Native American encouraged the workers to see their work as meaningful by having them think of what they were doing was not only important, but worthwhile. This change in attitude resulted in an increase in productivity.

Our aim at Kidz Inc is to ensure the spirit of the squirrel is understood by all the children and that they not only see the activities as being fun, but worthwhile.

Next Newsletter: The Way of the Beaver

Macandrew Bay

If you are a parent that has their child/ren attending the Macandrew Bay after school programme, we are inviting feedback as to the best week to run our summer school holiday programme. If you are one of those parents and will be returning back to work after the Christmas and New Year holiday period, please contact us with preferred weeks for the programme.

If your work falls outside the designated week for the holiday programme, we do have the programme in town running for the full five weeks of the summer school holidays. For more details of the summer programme dates check out our website.


Invoices & Statements

Invoices have been sent out at the completion of each holiday programme. We are introducing monthly account statements for all parents so that they can be informed as to the amount they have paid and the outstanding amount.

We thank all parents who have been diligent in settling accounts promptly. We want to encourage the settlement of all outstanding accounts as soon as possible. If you have queries or concerns about payments, let us know as soon as possible.


Red Bucket Hat Reward

I realise that children leave things behind at the end of the programme. We have a box of clothing available for finding lost property. However from time to time, staff lose their clothes as well. In particular I have misplaced a red bucket hat. It is a real favourite of mine. If you by chance find a red bucket hat, I am more than happy to offer popcorn as a reward for its return. I will keep my fingers crossed.


Enrolment Forms

We would like to thank everyone for the brilliant effort in having enrolment forms completed and up to date with contact information and child/rens health details. This really supports our quality control to ensure we have caregiver contact numbers, doctor & medical conditions. We will have enrolment forms available on site for the summer programme if you arrive without one.

You can download the current enrolment form here.


Prompt Payment Discounts

As mentioned last newsletter, we are looking at ways to add value for prompt payment of invoices. We are a small local business and rely on the fees to maintain the high quality of the service we provide for your children. Effective from the 1st October GST will be going up to 15%. We will maintain the same daily rate for this summer programme.


Fee Increase Autumn 2011

In our last newsletter we stated that the casual daily fee would rise to $55.00/day. This will take effect in the Autumn 2011 programme, not the summer programme we said in our last newsletter. Our prompt payment (payment of the invoice by the due date) discount will be commenced at this time which will be credited towards your child/rens' next holiday programme. This becomes a win/win situation for everyone.

Of course if you are interested in avoiding the GST rise for a whole year and get an even greater daily discount then...


Think About Our Payment Plans

We have a group of parents who pay as little as $28.00/week for their childcare needs. Our payment plans offer the pre-purchase of number of days for your child to attend. The more days you buy, the cheaper the rate. The discounts work whether you have one child or or four. And you get the benefit of smoothing out the payments into an easy weekly or fortnightly payment spread over a whole year.

You never have to concern yourself about late bookings; there will always be a place for your child.


The Last Laugh

Vet Emergency
An elderly spinster who was a dog lover agreed to look after and house her neighbour's dog while they went on their holidays. The only problem was that the spinsters own dog was a bitch that was 'in heat' and the neighbour’s dog was a male. Nevertheless she had a large house and she was able to keep the two dogs apart.

As she lay in her bed drifting off to sleep, the spinster was suddenly awakened by an awful howling and moaning sound from downstairs. She rushed downstairs to find the dogs locked together - mating. The dogs were in obvious pain howling but unable to disengage. Try as she might she could not part them and she was perplexed as what to do next.

Though it was late she reluctantly phoned the Vet, and after a few rings a rather grumpy voice of the Vet answered the phone.

The spinster explained the problem.

The Vet said. "I want you to take the phone to the dogs and place it down alongside them. I will then phone your number back and the noise of the telephone ringing should make the male dog lose his erection and be able to withdraw from the bitch."

"Oh," said the spinster .... "Do you think that will work?"

"Well," the Vet replied, "IT JUST WORKED ON ME !!!!!!"

Thanks for getting through to the end of this newsletter; it has been a long one. We look forward to seeing you over the summer break. In the meantime, see you next newsletter.


Andrew & the Kidz Inc Team

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