Kidz Inc Springs into Action - 1st Sep 2010

Kidz Inc Springs into Action

The advantage of growing up with siblings is that you become very good at fractions.

Robert Braul


Spring into Action
Our Role Playing Guru
Enrolment Forms
Prompt Payment Discounts
Think About Our Payment Plans
WINZ Subsidies Threshold
Gung Ho!
Mac Bay Accreditation
Last Laugh

Hi Everyone,

The Winter waters have been flowing under the bridge and today marks the first day of Spring. Listening to the wind howling outside as I write this, it still feels like winter, but that is life in Dunedin.

Spring into Action

Spring reminds me of new growth, shedding the rigid chill of Winter and bringing forth the resilience and new life that Spring has to offer. It is the season of eternal youth which we can all tap into for energy, creativity and a sense of renewed purpose. How timely that our next programme is soon approaching. We have new activities, new directions and opportunities to embrace and now is the time to springboard them into action.

Our Role Playing Guru

We were so fortunate to have with us for the Winter Holiday programme Kenneth Larson. He is a visitor from Denmark and he joined us for two weeks to support and experience our programme. In return he provided opportunities for the children to participate in Role Playing games. These storieshad the children in creating characters with special skills and abilities and having them involved in storylines, as guided by Kenneth, to work together to address problems, resolve issues and come up with solutions that benefited everyone involved.

Kenneth was such a master of this experience that the children involved wanted to do it everyday. It was certainly a memorable time for them. Kenneth has since left opur shores, but he will be back at a later stage having enjoyed his time here. We will certainly welcome him into the Kidz Inc fold should the opportunity arise again.

Enrolment Forms

With the next holiday programme approaching, if you are going to enrol your child we would like to have a new enrolment form completed for our files. Part of our quality control is to ensure we have caregiver contact numbers, doctor & medical conditions. We will have enrolment forms available on site if you do not have one. Five minutes of your time to fill out the details will ensure their safety and well being. Download an enrolment form now.

Prompt Payment Discounts

As mentioned last newsletter, we are looking at ways to add value for prompt payment of invoices. We are a small local business and rely on the fees to maintain the high quality of the service we provide for your children. Effective from the 1st October GST will be going up to 15%. We will maintain the same daily rate for this Spring programme.

In the Summer Holidays 2010/2011, the casual daily fee will rise to $55.00/day. However a prompt payment (payment of the invoice by the due date) discount will be credited towards your childs' next holiday programme. This becomes a win/win situation for everyone.

Of course if you are interested in avoiding the GST rise for a whole year and get an even greater daily discount then...

Think About Our Payment Plans

We have a group of parents who pay as little as $25.00/week for their childcare needs. Our payment plans offer the prepurchase of number of days for your child to attend. The more days you buy, the cheaper the rate. The discounts work whether you have one child or or four. And you get the benefit of smoothing out the payments into an easy weekly or fortnightly payment spread over a whole year. Check out more about the best option for you.

You never have to concern yourself about late bookings, there will always be a place for your child.

WINZ Subsidy Thresholds

As of these Spring Holidays, the income threshold has changed, as has the hourly subsidised rate. To see the latest thresholds and subsidies go to our downloads page.

For parents and caregivers requiring subsidised childcare, get the appropriate forms from Work & Income fill them in and bring them along on the first day of the programme. We will fill in our part. Remember to contact WINZ before the first day of holiday programme and let them know that you are seeking a subsidy. You will have 21 days to get it back to them complete. For more information and phone numbers go to our services page.

Innovation in Education

Focus: Gung Ho!
What is the secret of creating a learning environment where there is a sense of purpose, teamwork and atmosphere of enjoyment and celebration? I could say that it has to do with having great staff, excellent activities and fantastic children. But this could not be maintained if staff were to leave, or children were to grow up. There has to be a continuum, a thread of continuity that holds it together over the years and the decades for it to be truly self maintaining.

This secret was the experience of a young lady who was asked to report on the amazing productivity and effectiveness of a factory building gizmos against all odds in an industry rife with recession-inspired redundancies, low output, poor morale and detached managers and shareholders.

Over the next few newsletters I will be Gung Ho! About how this happened, what made it a success and how we use Gung Ho! to build our holiday programme culture.

Next Newsletter: The Spirit of the Squirrel

Macandrew Bay Accreditation

For the peninsula communities of Portobello, Broad Bay and Macandrew Bay we are pleased to announce that we have been fully accredited by Child Youth and Family to become a qualified OSCAR provider.

The benefit to you as parents ensures that your children are provided with a safe, secure and enriching holiday and after school care programme, as well as being able to seek Work & Income Childcare subsidies. If you are part of these communities and are looking for a local quality childcare service, we welcome school holiday and after school programme enquiries. You can contact us for more information.

The Last Laugh

Chatty Parrot
There was a family that had a parrot that was always embarrassing them by cussing and other stuff like that.

So one day the boy took the parrot and stuck him in the freezer. Two hours later the squawking stopped.

The kid checked the freezer and the parrot said, "Okay I'll stop cussing, but I have one question".

The boy said, "What"?

The Parrot asks, "What did the turkey do"???

See you next newsletter.


Andrew & the Kidz Inc Team

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