Who are Kidz Inc

Who are Kidz Inc

Kidz Inc Mentors are ordinary people working together on an extraordinary thing, and that is building a capable and confident community for future generations.

We embrace the know-how can-do mantra in our lives and use it to enrich the lives of those around us. We have diverse interests and backgrounds, young parents, old parents, young adults, all contributing to the Kidz Inc Experience. Our plan is long term and so is our commitment.

We know that children are unique individuals who have the capacity to be creative, innovative and want to participate in life.

We provide the talent, tools and resources for them to explore and discover how they will do this. Kidz Inc Experience places the student at the centre of their learning situation. They will learn when they need to learn (just-in-time), and act when they need to act. This model of learning keeps them interested and focused on what they really want to do...make things and have fun doing it!

The following staff are who make Kidz Inc kids think!

Andrew Bowen

Andrew Bowen I live with my wife Anne and three children Madelief, Jasmijn and Matai, in North East Valley, Dunedin. We have lived here in Dunedin since 2000 and love its cultural and environmental surroundings, it is a good place to raise a family with great education options.

I have a teaching degree from Newcastle University, Australia in the area of Technology. I started Kidz Inc back in April 2004 and I am responsible for all that happens within the programme.

I like movies, being creative with my hands, building and doing things with my children. I value friendship, family and the community, and work at being a good role model. I am a trustee on the Dunedin Environment Centre Trust, on the board of governance for the North East Valley Community Development Project, and President of the Northern Junior Association Football Club. Building good communities, good friends, good colleagues and good learning environments makes for a good life and I enjoy the pleasure of making it work.

Andrew Wills

Andrew Wills I am a dad, primary teacher, designer and kitchen philosopher. I like being in nature, designing and construction, working in multimedia, art and sculpture. I value a green planet, cooperation, a happy family and creativity. One of my goals is to develop engaging science and technology-based projects and programmes at primary school level. What I do @ Kidz Inc includes technology activities, constructing toys, musical instruments and a symphony of activities and games. I have a teaching degree in Primary Education from the DCE and have been working at Kidz Inc since 2004.

Maketoys ToyMaker Drew Wills is the project guru at the Kidz Inc Tinker School. Check out www.maketoys.net.nz for some of his projects. He is Think It Make It Solve It in Action!!

Anne Bowen

Anne Bowen I teach music in several primary schools around Dunedin. My stationwagon is loaded up with ukuleles and plastic stackable drumbuckets and my classes are noisy, with rhythm and song mostly. I also play fiddle in the Catgut and Steel Celtic Rock Band - not bad for a Dutch Kiwi - and I make up 50% of the story telling duo KatAnnaFiddle - touring schools near you now!

At the Kidz Inc Holiday Programme I will play any request the children have from constructing pirate ships out of chairs to exploring Garageband on the computers. My favourite things are chocolate chip muffins and the country loop over and over.

Filipa (the Fairy) Crofskey

Filipa (the Fairy) Crofskey My name is Filipa, my husband Jay and I live in a remote part of Waitati. We join together in most areas of our work and play. I like my business flipside4fun which has fun stuff that I like such as painting murals, face painting, costume design and sewing, and performance. I value working with children. My goals are to develop my interests to a professional level and foster my creativity. What I do @ Kidz Inc includes performing circo arts, magic and teaching children these skills so they can be part of the show.
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